The Technical High Pavement is applied as a technical solution to cabling installations for both new buildings and those undergoing rehabilitation, and that can be installed on screeds and screeds on forged with proper leveling or existing pavements. The supports are adjustable in height and if necessary can be saved differences upper 50 cm.

Another of the most common applications of high technical pavement paving is passable roofs and terraces, because the system facilitates rainwater drainage and improves thermal insulation.

KlinkerTech offers a new raised flooring solution for those outdoor spaces that require a highly resistant and registrable floor.

Hotels, restaurants, leisure spaces... are places where it is usually necessary to install a registrable floor and at the same time highly comfortable. Specially designed for these spaces has been created the new multifunctional pavement of Gresmanc made with ceramic plates of 1200 millimeters long and 40 millimeters thick. In addition, the design offered is unbeatable: inkjet technology has made possible the reproduction of wood designs that give warmth and exclusivity to any space.

Although the main application of this development will consist of the use as raised flooring in outdoor spaces for its high strength and durability as well as for the ease of installation, this piece is also ideal as a step and as a pool edge.

The best raised ceramic floor system for exteriors. It is an intelligent system that uses multifunctional ceramic tiles with the modern benefits of a traditional and natural material, 100% registrable.

  • High durability
  • 100% natural base material
  • Complete resistance to frost and weather
  • UV resistance for life and color fastness
  • Resistance to scratches and breaks
  • Acid and alkaline resistance

The installation system is simple and allows easy placement on any type of surface. Next, we show you an explanatory video with the main guidelines.