Why is it innovative? For its presentation, that is, for their aesthetic proposal. Being a grid for infinity pools, there is little to say about their performance or technical specifications. But, what can be noted primarily is that it is a ceramic grid whose visual aspect is far more attractive than most grids that we can see in the market.

The KlinkerTech ceramic grid for pools has a traditional design that has be joined with several features that make it much more versatile when it comes to solving the different degrees to which the pool water is evacuated. Regarding its ceramic component, clearly gives a very distinguished style when we compared with other traditional grids infinity pools.

In addition, the KlinkerTech ceramic grid for pools offers the additional advantage of being combined in many colors depending on customer expectations, although it is usual that the pieces of the grid the same color as the edges and the beaches are made pool.

Moreover, being ceramics, we can speak of greater resistance, a non-slip finish and greater ease of maintenance. In particular, this option seems very attractive KlinkerTech but precisely because of its innovation, longevity and high strength may not be the most economical grid market.