Industrias Cárnicas Tello is settled and of prestigious reputation in its sector in Spain for its sausages and meat products. Its productive activity must comply with a series of safety and health requirements that make it essential that its facilities have all the necessary services.

In this type of industry, the pavement on which the industrial process will be developed is vital and will determine the good progress of the manufacture. In the case that a correct pavement has not been chosen, it will be very difficult to repair any deterioration, because when the activity begins, in the manufacturing processes there are no room for failures or breaks, problems begin to surface and solutions are They return eternal. Provisional arrangements will be made and the company will acknowledge all these drawbacks.

The industrial pavement of KlinkerTech, due to its physical qualities, is the ideal solution for industrial spaces where it will participate in the multiple activities such as transport of heavy materials, manufacturing processes, highly abrasive chemical agents, etc. The main qualities of KlinkerTech industrial flooring are:

  • Different tiles that adapt to the specific needs of the spaces
  • Non-slip properties
  • High resistance to bending, impact and deep abrasion
  • High resistance to thermal shock and loads of ice
  • High resistance for heavy traffic

The flooring of more than 10,000 square meters of industrial pavement is currently being executed. Soon we will be able to show images of the result.